Africa East OSM Topo Routable

Detailed map of East Africa based on OpenStreetMap data. Map area includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Map properties:

  • full range of OSM data
  • 25m contours lines (DEM data Viewfinder Panoramas)
  • marine objects
  • geographical names in English or transliteration
  • address search
  • routable

At the bottom of this page there is attached file with map for PC, both Windows and Mac OSX. Size of installed map is about 270MB.

Africa East OSM Topo

Afryka East OSM Topo

Map for Garmin devices © CC BY-NC 4.0 AP
Map data credit © OpenStreetMap contributors
DEM data
Mapnik TYP GNU GPL v3
Map icons CC-0

Version 12, May 2015.

Africa_East_OSM_Topo_v12.7z196.18 MB