Merging regions

Africa regions can be combined to create a complete map of Africa. Follow these steps:

  • Download the basemap, the link to the map is at the bottom of this page.
  • Download all 8 Africa regions. The region version must be the same as the basemap version.
  • Install the basemap using the procedure described here.
  • Locate the Product1 directory in the basemap file structure.
  • Sequentially unpack 8 regions and overwrite the Product1 directory of the base map with the directory of the unpacked map.

The basemap contains a template map without any details. By copying the Product1 catalogs from the regions, the basemap is supplemented with detailed data. After copying all the regions, you get a complete map. Separate regional maps can be uninstalled and deleted.

When overwriting the Product1 directory, you may receive a warning that the copied file already exists. This is because the map tiles on the border of regions are duplicated in both regions. Since these are the same files, they can be either skipped when copying or overwritten.

Attachment: map version 41, compilation July 2024 Size
Africa_OSM_Topo_Base_v41.7z 54MB